What to expect for a tooth extraction

What to expect for a tooth extraction

Mar 14, 2019

Dental procedures are near horror experiences for a lot of people. Not that they really go through any horrific experiences. It is usually the association of some older memory or just the lack of ability to understand what is the entire procedure.

Dr Al Gulum has found with years of experience that if the patient knows what to expect on the day of the dental surgery, it significantly reduces the level of anxiety. So, here is the standard procedure you will be going through, when you go through a dental surgery.


The preparation would begin with comfortably making you sit in the dental room. The dentist will come and explain the entire procedure and what is expected of you. At this stage, usually you will go through a cleaning procedure. This cleaning procedure will be very thorough and would be much more than the regular rinsing you might have experienced in your usual dental cleaning processes.


Once the cleaning has been done, you will be injected with local anaesthesia under the supervision of an anaesthesia expert. The effect of the anaesthesia will depend upon what type of process are you undergoing.

If you are undergoing a sleep dentistry process, you would not be in a conscious state and the next time you wake up, the process will be over. Although this sounds more protective, it actually poses a higher risk and that’s why this process has to be performed under the supervision of an anaesthesia specialist. If you are going through a sedation process, you will only be sedated to an extent – such that you do not sense the pain and are still aware of your environment.

Type of extraction

The next step would largely be dependent on whether the extraction is a simple extraction or a surgical one. Under a simple extraction, the complications are less and the dentist might be able to send you home in a matter of an hour or two.

The surgical extraction processes are the more complex ones. They may require a longer period of time to be executed and sometimes, might even involve multiple sessions.


At the end – the recovery will be largely dependent on the complexity of the surgical procedure and the expertise of the dentist. Usually, it will not last for more than a couple of days.


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