Tooth Extractions: What You Need to Know

Tooth Extractions: What You Need to Know

Apr 03, 2019

Usually, people lose their teeth during the transition from baby teeth to permanent. However, tooth extractions are occasionally required in adulthood.

Many times teeth are salvable and dentists are not able to refit it. There are many questions before having a tooth extraction.

Why do teeth need to be extracted?

There are 4 main reasons due to which tooth need to be extracted.

  • Overcrowding

Where there is not enough space inside the mouth for an emerging tooth or it is causing damage to the nearby teeth. This problem often arises with wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the final set of adult teeth. Few dental patients get it extracted before it grows completely so it does not create a problem for the other near teeth. Dentists give anaesthesia to perform this procedure.

  • Tooth is infected

It is difficult to understand how a tooth gets broken or wisdom teeth grow. However, good care can be taken from getting them infected.

Generally, infections happen on the exterior of a tooth or below the surface in the gums. This could be painful and once a tooth infection is discovered. It is better to visit a dentist and get it pulled out.

  • Broken or cracked tooth

You might visit a dentist twice a year, brush and floss your teeth and rinse your mouth after every meal.

Still, you can end up with a broken or cracked tooth. You may get a broken tooth fixed or just go ahead and get a surgical tooth extraction.

  • Braces

Tooth extraction is compulsory if your child needs braces. It is necessary to aid the correct alignment of their adult teeth.

How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

It is considered normal experiencing selling or discomfort for 24 to 48 hours after a tooth extraction. The pain will eventually subside and gum heals completely within one or two weeks.

Can a toothache go away on itself?

Dental pain of any kind usually indicates a serious underlying issue. Take an appointment with Dr. Al Gulum as soon as possible to get the treatment you need.


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