The Risks of Tooth Whitening

The Risks of Tooth Whitening

Jul 01, 2019

Not everyone is blessed with pearly white teeth and it can impact your confidence badly. However, you don’t need to compromise with your yellow and dull smile any more. The teeth whitening treatments in Fresh Meadows have become an easy way of transforming smile and achieving sparkling white teeth.

The procedure can come with a risk of sensitivity and damage to the roots of the teeth. But it can be prevented by using the dentist recommended special toothpaste.

Tooth Coloration

You may wonder why your teeth changes color and becomes darker over the period of time. The reason is that the internal part of the teeth darkens over the period of time explains the dentist in 11366. Also, use of tobacco, drinking coffee, tea, or wine can lead to staining. Your teeth can become discolored because of certain medications as well. Visit a dentist for thorough cleaning and examination.

To Bleach or Not to Bleach?

Usually, the brightening procedure is successful in at least 90% of the cases. The yellow colored teeth respond well to the process while the brownish colored stains don’t. The gray stains caused by smoking or fluorosis can be changed drastically. Also, if you have tooth-colored fillings or bonding, the procedure won’t offer significant results. You can look for other options such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

Is Bleaching a Good Option for You?

Here’s a look at some points to consider:

What Does the Dentist Advice?

Not all stains can be lightened by OTC professional bleaching, so only the dentist can offer the best advice. Also, professional procedures are safe as they are done under expert supervision.

Is Bleaching Worth the Cost?

The procedure is not usually covered under the insurance plans. You can check your plan before undergoing any treatment.

Should You Have Professional or At-Home Treatment?

Bleaching can be done at home as well, but the results won’t be as satisfying and it may take a longer time to achieve whiter teeth. On the other hand, professional whitening takes hardly an hour and offers up to 8 shades brighter teeth in just one session.


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