The Benefits of Having Implant Placements to Replace Missing Teeth

The Benefits of Having Implant Placements to Replace Missing Teeth

Dec 01, 2020

Your smile is not the only casualty when you have missing teeth due to any reason. You may think replacing the teeth is not consequential, especially with an intensive procedure for having dental implants. However, suppose you attempt to understand the benefits of dental implants. In that case, we are confident you will change your thinking and believe you must contact the general dentistry clinic nearby to enquire about dental implant placements and their benefits.

We can save you some time and stress by explaining the benefits of having implant placements to replace your missing teeth right here in this article. We are confident we will convince you to have dental implants to gain from all the benefits mentioned herein.

What Are the Benefits of Having Dental Implants Placed?

Dental Implants Resemble Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants are available in various shapes and sizes. Your dentist works with you when designing the implants to ensure they match the color of your surrounding teeth and fit precisely in the gap left vacant. Your implant placement remains a secret between you and your dentist because you two are the only ones aware of your treatment.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Resorption

Bone resorption is a common occurrence with tooth loss. If your jawbone must maintain its mass, it needs stimulation generated when your teeth contact each other. Implants are the only tooth replacement solution that helps jawbone stimulation to prevent bone loss.

Restores Biting Force

Dental implants are anchored into your jawbone with a titanium post to act as an artificial tooth root. The implants allow you to bite with similar forces that you use with your natural teeth. No other tooth replacement solution offers similar benefits because they are placed on top of your gums.

Restores Facial Appearance

Your facial structure receives help from your teeth for support. With tooth loss, you lose the support that causes your face to change shape and eventually look older. Dental implants are similar to your natural teeth and provide the support needed by your face to prevent it from changing shape.

Implants Leave You Free from Tooth Decay and Cavities

The crowns on your implants are unlikely to develop tooth decay or cavities, leaving you free from the concerns of having them drilled or filled. However, you still need to maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent plaque and bacteria build up in your mouth, which results in gingivitis and gum disease. Gum disease is detrimental for your implants as it weakens your jawbone to cause implant failure.

Enables Natural Speech

Some traditional tooth replacement solutions like dentures impact your ability when pronouncing words correctly. Missing teeth also alter your speech. Dental implants can correct the situation because they appear and function like natural teeth and enable you to speak with ease and correctly.

Caring for Dental Implants Isn’t Challenging

You don’t require unique products to clean your dental implants. No more investments in cups, adhesives, cleaning tablets, or special flossers. Just ensure you reach out to your toothbrush and dental floss to continue maintaining proper oral hygiene the way you usually do.

Support For Your Adjacent Teeth

Gaps in your mouth because of missing teeth cause your other teeth to shift position. The shifting results in misalignment in your bite. Dental implants close the gap between your teeth to prevent your adjacent teeth from moving and allow you to maintain a straight and even smile.

Slippages Are Eliminated

If you consider dentures to replace the missing teeth, you forever have to contend with your appliances slipping when talking, laughing, or eating in public. Dental implants eliminate this issue because they are firmly anchored into your jawbone and have integrated with your body.

Permanent Solution For Tooth Loss

When looking for replacement solutions for your teeth, wouldn’t you want a lasting option that remains with you for a lifetime? Investing in dentures or bridges ensures they need repairs or replacements periodically. You will have frequent episodes of being without your replacement teeth as your dentist repairs the restorations. However, when you choose dental implants, you invest in a lasting solution for a lifetime. When you maintain excellent oral hygiene and complement it with regular visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings, you can rest assured you won’t ever need teeth replacement solutions again unless you make a concerted effort and invite issues like gum disease in your mouth.

The information provided herein should convince you to have dental implants in your mouth is the best solution for replacing missing teeth.


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