The Benefits and Risks of Teeth Whitening

The Benefits and Risks of Teeth Whitening

Oct 31, 2018

You may be considering having your teeth whitened to improve the appearance of your smile, whether you have stains caused by food and drink or personal habits such as smoking, or your teeth have simply lost their natural brightness as a result of aging. However, you may be reluctant to go through with it because you’re concerned about side effects or risks to the procedure. The best thing to do to relieve yourself of your doubts is to educate yourself. Here are the facts about Dr. Al Gulum’s teeth whitening treatment in Fresh Meadows, NY.

How whitening works

First of all, you might want to know how a whitening treatment works in the first place. The whitening gel that is placed on the teeth initiates an oxidation reaction, breaking up the dental stains. This means that teeth whitening doesn’t necessarily remove stains, but simply makes them less noticeable.

To receive the treatment, you will first have your teeth thoroughly cleaned. A protective barrier will then be placed over the gums to keep them protected. The whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and activated using a specialized dental light. After about 15 minutes, the gel will be removed and another layer applied. This process will be repeated about three times to achieve the best results.

Benefits of teeth whitening

The most obvious benefit of teeth whitening is how effectively and quickly it can improve the look of a smile. You may also notice, however, that it affects your self-confidence, as a brighter smile can make you appear younger and more refreshed. You may smile more as a result, which can have effects on your overall quality of life.

Risks of teeth whitening

The most common risks or side effects to a teeth whitening treatment are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Fortunately, they are both usually temporary, along with any minor discomfort lasting no more than a few days after treatment. You may have heard about enamel erosion or permanent dental damage, but these usually only occur when unsafe whitening products are used (or used too often), which contain high levels of peroxide. Whitening treatments provided by your dentist are both safer and more effective.

Minimizing risks

Our in-office care should be more than sufficient to keep your teeth strong and healthy and minimize the risks of a whitening treatment. The gel used in our office is carefully regulated, unlike something you might find in a pharmacy. Additionally, thorough instructions will be provided for touch-up treatments to allow you to maintain and enjoy your newer, brighter smile for as long as possible.

If you are ready to improve the look of your smile, contact the office of Dr. Al Gulum in Fresh Meadows.


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