Oral Cancer Screening in Fresh Meadows, NY

Oral Cancer Screening in Fresh Meadows, NY

If it isn’t detected early and properly treated, oral cancer can be deadly. It is estimated by the Oral Cancer Foundation that 40,000 U.S. residents are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. One oral cancer patient loses their life each hour of every day. Yet, the potentially fatal condition has a 90 percent survival rate when detected early by a dentist. Therefore, the dental team at our Fresh Meadows, NY practice takes oral cancer screening for our patients very seriously.

Oral cancer screening may include an inspection of the teeth and gums, digital imaging, a medical history review and a biopsy, if applicable. When diagnosed in the beginning stages treatment can begin before the disease spreads.

The dental office of Dr. Al Gulum uses the most advanced and reliable screening techniques to detect oral cancer. This includes the use of a state-of-the-art oral cancer screening light called the OralID. This device uses fluorescent technology to aid in the detection of all lesions or other abnormalities in the mouth, increasing our chances of finding early signs of cancer and treating them before it progresses.

About Our Fresh Meadows Oral Cancer Screenings

A routine oral cancer screening is performed at your first visit to our Fresh Meadows dental practice. After that, you will receive a recall check-up every six months. A comprehensive oral cancer exam includes:

  • Medical history review to pinpoint risk factors
  • Visual exam of the soft tissues with OralID
  • Palpation of all oral cavity tissues to detect abnormalities
  • X-rays of any suspicious areas

The entire exam takes mere minutes and is pain-free. An immediate referral will be made to an oral surgeon if any suspicious lesions are found.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening in Fresh Meadows, NY

The demographic with the highest rate of oral cancer are men over 50 who use tobacco products. However, oral cancer can afflict anyone, at any age, even seemingly healthy individuals. So, be sure to visit our dental office every six months and give us the opportunity to safeguard your oral health.


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