Learning about the Situations When You Need Emergency Dental Care

Learning about the Situations When You Need Emergency Dental Care

Feb 01, 2020

Many people feel insecure about their teeth but most don’t understand that poor dental hygiene has in recent times linked to an unprecedented number of hospitalizations? Getting emergency dental care is not similar to going to a cosmetic dentist. A dental problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible because it can help you to avoid concerning health problems that can impact your entire body.

Do you have any information about the situations when you will need emergency dental care and the occasions where you can wait for your next dental appointment? If not, continue reading to understand when you should seek emergency treatment immediately.

You Have a Loose Tooth

As an adult you shouldn’t be experiencing loose teeth in your mouth but if you are noticing any of your teeth wiggling it is time to seek emergency dental care. A loose tooth could be an indication of a dental injury that may have occurred a few days ago when you felt perfectly fine. However, the injury may have left you with a loose tooth without making you realize it. It could also be a localized infection among adults. You may have a cavity or even gum disease. When you schedule your appointment your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth and mouth to figure out the location of the infection and the reasons behind it. Leaving a loose tooth untreated can lead to nerve and jaw damage that can worsen fast. Rather than suffer from the pain and wait until it is too late, get the help you need from an emergency dentist.

You Have Bleeding Gums

Everyone observes some bleeding from their gums occasionally which could be from brushing too hard or flossing after a long time. However, if it is happening regularly it is an indication of a bigger problem in your mouth and perhaps the time to seek emergency dental care. Bleeding gums can be a sign of periodontal disease or gingivitis. If your gums are bleeding every time you brush and the pain is causing you to stop brushing it is time to discuss the problem with a professional. Just understand the sooner gum disease is identified the better it will be for the dentist to reverse the condition. It will also save you from spending a substantial amount on dental care. Gum disease can progress fast to different stages and therefore you have to act fast as well.

A Murderous Toothache Is Hurting You

Sensitive teeth are common among many people who experience some sharp pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold. However, a toothache is something different. You may have developed a cavity that your dentist can get rid of before it gets worse. Left untreated it could progress to a root canal. You may not want to hear things like these but getting treatment immediately is essential because waiting for the pain to improve is allowing it to worsen. If you want to prevent toothaches you must always practice good oral hygiene and stop smoking or at least have the contact number of the after-hours dentist who can treat you immediately.

You Have a Dental Abscess

Severe pain that starts at the root of every tooth is a sign of a dental abscess. As you know where the toothache is coming from you must seek emergency dental care as soon as it begins. When dental abscesses are left alone they can turn into cavities, infected teeth, and gum disease. A chipped tooth that had been ignoring can also cause a dental abscess. Having a fever, swollen glands or a metallic taste in your mouth are all signs of a dental abscess. Your dentist is the only person who can get to the root of the problem by fully draining the area and treating the infection to ensure it doesn’t progress any further.

Numbness Has Hit Your Tooth

Do you think numbness in the tooth is better than a toothache? If you do we suggest you change your mind immediately. It simply indicates that something is seriously wrong in your mouth. The numbness is indicating that the infection has already spread to the root of your tooth causing it to die. This usually happens when the tooth does not get the nutrients it needs and indicates that your other teeth are also at risk. Contact your dentist as soon as possible to understand if the tooth can be saved.

Your Overall Health Is Bothering You

Aren’t you feeling good despite taking proper care of yourself by getting enough sleep, a proper diet and doing everything else that is demanded by your body? The problem could be in your mouth which could be indicating signs of health conditions in your body. This condition may not call for emergency dental care but having a word with your dentist is certainly required if you want to keep the condition from worsening.

Now that you have information about the common reasons why people need emergency dental care it is time to book your appointment for your routine checkups and exams. Get in touch with your dentist right away to understand if you have any problems and prevent them from blowing into a major issue before it is too late.


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