How Can CEREC Technology Offer a Beautiful Smile

How Can CEREC Technology Offer a Beautiful Smile

Sep 01, 2019

A beautiful smile needs more than brushing and flossing as sometimes it can’t be achieved naturally. Some people are vulnerable to tooth decay or stains more than others. Whether for a function or cosmetic reasons, most people need restorative work at some point for keeping their teeth healthy and looking great. If you are also looking for restoring your smile, CEREC technology can be your best bet!

What is CEREC Technology?

CEREC extends to ‘Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics’. It is a computer-assisted designing and manufacturing system for dentists. It combines a camera, computer, and milling instrument into a single machine that helps in tooth restoration in one visit at the dental office. It eliminates the need for sending your tooth mold to the outside lab and living with a temporary crown. Studies show that the CEREC system near NY, Fresh Meadows is safe and effective in restoring your teeth as compared to the traditional methods.

How Can CEREC Help?

The CEREC system in NY, 11366 helps fix the damaged and unsightly teeth. If you are looking for a sparkling smile or repairing your decayed teeth, CEREC can come to your rescue.

Common Types of CEREC Restorations Are As Follows:

  • Veneers

The veneers are thin porcelain shells that are custom-made for covering the front surface of your tooth. The veneers are majorly used for cosmetic reasons such as improving the appearance of discolored, misaligned and irregularly shaped teeth. However, they can also help in restoring the chipped and broken teeth.

  • Onlays

If the tooth is severely damaged for getting dental fillings but not damaged enough for getting a crown, the dental onlay can be the answer. It is sometimes also referred to as partial crowns and they cover the entire biting surface of your tooth.

  • Dental Crowns

The crowns are just like caps on your tooth. The crown covers the tooth along with restoring its strength, shape, and size. When a tooth gets decayed or damaged badly, you need to support it with the help of a crown. Also, they are used after performing a root canal procedure.

It is to be known as they are also one of the ways of getting teeth whitening done as veneers and crowns simply cover your yellow and stained teeth.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC uses advanced computer-assisted technology and software for creating natural-looking restorations.

  • The dentist near you will first prepare the tooth for restoration.
  • The CEREC software will take a digital image of the site of treatment.
  • It will then convert the image into a 3D virtual model.
  • The software will create the final restoration with the help of input from the dentist.
  • The CEREC machine will create a perfect restoration for your mouth.
  • Once the dentist is sure that restoration fits properly in your mouth, it is polished and bonded on your tooth.

Benefits of CEREC Technology

  • Instead of waiting for weeks, the CEREC allows the dentist to feed precise teeth information into the computer and create restorations within a few minutes.
  • The CEREC technology allows microscopic pictures of the teeth. This helps in creating precise plaster impressions. The crowns and fillings will be in a precise manner as possible.
  • CEREC offers a good alternative to people who have a strong gag reflex. As it uses pictures and data for creating a model of your mouth, one doesn’t need to sit with unpleasant plastic wedges stuck in the mouth.
  • Another benefit of CEREC over traditional crowns and fillings is that they eliminate cracking by using ceramic material which expands and contracts naturally with your teeth. Also, the ceramic is durable and mimics the natural feel of your teeth. Neither are they too hard nor too soft. Also, they last longer and you need not worry about replacing them frequently.
  • You can use CEREC for eliminating the mercury and other toxic material from going inside your mouth. With CEREC there is no need to worry about the possible harm to be caused by these metals.
  • The CEREC restorations promote healthy tooth structure and gum line as the restorations are durable.
  • Most of the insurance plans cover a part of the CEREC procedure.


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