Dental Crown and Bridge Procedures

Dental Crown and Bridge Procedures

Jan 01, 2019

It’s common for your dentist to suggest a tooth replacement for restoring the health of your teeth and making your smile beautiful. When you ask about the options for the procedures to restore your smile, the dentists will inform you about two choices i.e. Dental bridges and Dental Crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is nothing but a ceramic restoration which covers the visible area of your tooth. One of the benefits of ceramics is that it matches the natural appearance of your tooth enamel. If the dental crown procedure takes place correctly, it fits seamlessly with your dental arch and no one will be able to guess which tooth has crown on it.

What is a Dental Bridge?

The dental bridges constitutes of false teeth known as pontics and dental crowns. The dental bridges are also made of ceramic and they are used for replacing the missing tooth in your mouth. It has been observed that patients most of the time choose dental bridges instead of dental implants or dentures as they find them more comfortable. Also, bridges are relatively permanent than dentures and less costly than dental implants. Dental bridges are one of those options that are partly covered by the insurance policies.

Why Restore the Smile?

It’s important for you to not ignore your dental health and restore your smile. Whether you have a missing tooth or your tooth breaks accidentally, it is imperative to address the issue. It not only restores the appearance and function of the tooth but also maintains your dental health. Apart from improving the oral health, it boosts the self-confidence of the patient while interacting with others. The broken enamel and gaps between the teeth won’t bother them anymore and they can flaunt their beautiful smile. In case of a broken, chipped or lost tooth, it is important that patients ask their dentist for all the possible options for restoration and then choose the appropriate option which is comfortable, affordable, and less painful. Never compromise with your smile when you have dental procedures at your rescue.


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