Cerec or Traditional Crowns: Which one is better?

Cerec or Traditional Crowns: Which one is better?

Oct 01, 2020

Dental crowns are important in restoring your discolored or damaged teeth. It is important to know that there are different crown options. Currently, a dentist can use two options to fix your teeth. Crowns ensure you have a perfect and appealing set of teeth. With such teeth, you can smile confidently.

You need to know all about these two options before making a choice. In this article, we will talk about the two options. The information should help you know everything about these treatment options.

What are Cerec Crowns?

This is a popular type of crown that is made from ceramic. Cerec is a same day dental crown that can fix damaged teeth. A dentist can complete the procedure in a single day and allow you to go home. They are an effective way of restoring your perfect smile and confidence.

Benefits of Cerec Crowns

These are some of the benefits of this type of crown.

A Single Day Procedure

You can wait up to two weeks for traditional crowns. The case is different for this crown option. Cerec crowns can be fitted in a single day. If you need this same day dental crown option, just visit our clinic.

The dentist uses special computer programs to capture the image of your tooth. These programs also help design and create a crown for your teeth. All of this happens in the dentist’s office in a single day.

Natural Look

Cerec looks more natural than traditional crowns. The fact that it doesn’t have metal core makes it look natural. You can comfortably smile, knowing no one will notice your crowns. This option gives the aesthetic appeal you want.

Strong and Durable

This treatment option is known to be stronger and long lasting. It can resist abrasion, as it is sturdy. Going back to the dentist isn’t what anyone would want. This is just the option you should go for. Cerec guarantees years of strength.

Why Cerec May Not Work For You

Just like any other option, Cerec has its downsides. The common downside with it is the cost. This expensive option will cost more. If you are looking for a less expensive option, Cerec may not work for you.

The other drawback with this option is the availability. As opposed to traditional crowns, Cerec is not easily available. Only a few dentists can offer this treatment option.

Traditional Crowns

Traditional crowns are an alternative to Cerec ones. Unlike Cerec, traditional crowns procedure takes longer than a day. They are also widely used for fixing tooth problems.

Advantages of Traditional Crowns

Here are some of the benefits of this treatment option.


Traditional crowns are equally strong and durable. They are carefully made in the lab to ensure they last. With proper oral hygiene, these crowns can last for years. They are able to protect your teeth from decay and damage.

Improves Your Smile

Traditional crowns can fix many teeth imperfections. Issues like discoloration can be fixed by these crowns.  This gives you all the reasons you need to smile confidently. You don’t have to suffer from teeth imperfections anymore. Talk to our dentist and get the help you need.

Improves Your Dental Health

This treatment option improves your dental health. Traditional crowns can prevent a number of tooth issues. Decaying an example of a problem that can be prevented by crowns.

Drawbacks of Traditional Crowns

The biggest drawback of this option is the waiting time. You will need a couple of appointments to complete the procedure. After the appointments, you will still wait for weeks.

Which One to Choose

Based on your preferences, you will have to choose one option for your teeth. You should consider the cost, convenience, and quality before choosing. If you need a quick solution, Cerec crowns will work for you. However, you will spend more on the option. If you are not in a hurry, then you should go for the traditional option. It takes time, but it is a less expensive option.

Dr. Al Gulum

Dr. Al Gulum is a qualified dentist with more than 20 years of experience. Visit the office, and Dr. Al Gulum will give you the help you need. Contact us now for a consulation.


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