Answers to Your Top 5 Root Canal Questions

Answers to Your Top 5 Root Canal Questions

Jul 16, 2019

When you see your teeth in the mirror and find that there is some black item stuck in your teeth and after trying hard, you are not able to remove it then it can be a problem of the cavity. If you are not taking care of it soon enough, then it can reach to the root and create a problem of the root canal. Following you will find some of the FAQs which would address all the doubts.

What is root canal therapy?

It is done when your any tooth gets infected and badly decay because of the bacteria or infection into the teeth. So in root canal therapy dentist clean the teeth area and then give local anesthesia to your teeth so you would not feel any pain. The dentist removes the cavity from the root canal and fills it with a color filling, which helps them to seal that area and stop from spreading.

My tooth never hurts. Why do I need a root canal?

If your tooth does not hurt that does not mean that you would not need the root canal treatment because at the initial stage it would not hurt, but as you delay the treatment it would become worse day by day, but if you get it at an early stage, then it would do less harm to your teeth.

Is a root canal painful?

The dentist makes sure that you would not feel pain during the procedure. They use local anesthesia to numb the area, and then only they start the process.

How will I feel after a root canal?

You may feel a little bit sensitive for a few days, but you will feel relaxed and relieved from the pain after the root canal procedure. The dentist may give you over the counter medication to handle the sensitivity.

Are there other alternatives?

Tooth extraction would be another way, and you can get back your teeth with the help of teeth implant or dental bridge. These are also the best solution for your teeth.

If you still have questions, then I would suggest you visit Dr. Al Gulum. They can solve all the queries regarding the root canal.


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