5 Common Misconceptions about Porcelain Veneers

5 Common Misconceptions about Porcelain Veneers

Jun 01, 2019

Are you looking for a smile makeover? Are your teeth chipped or stained? Does your smile make you conscious of your appearance? Worry not as cosmetic dentistry procedures can help you in achieving a perfect smile of your dreams. One such way of receiving a smile makeover is Porcelain Veneers. If your teeth have suffered from decay, trauma, excessive wear or discoloration, the veneers can be a perfect solution. They are thin shells which are an excellent sway of correcting minor misalignments and concealing the stains.

In spite of their versatility, many people have doubts regarding getting them because of the myths they have heard about the shells. Here’s a look at some of the common misconceptions:

  • The application is painful

Just like any other major dental procedure, the patient is given local anesthetic. This makes the area numb and you don’t feel the pain and discomfort. Thus, the procedure is not painful at all as it is not majorly invasive in nature.

  • You only need veneers for the front of your mouth

Typically, the thin shells are placed where they are most visible i.e. on the six front teeth. But, they can also be used on the lower teeth and premolars.

  • The entire tooth must to be filed down before veneers can be placed

While it is true that some filing is required before the shells are placed over the teeth, but most of it is quite minimal.

  • Veneers only serve aesthetic purposes

The statement is partially true as the main aim of these porcelain shells is to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. However, they are also used for filling out cheeks and rebuild the molars.

  • Veneers are unnaturally white and noticeable

Modern veneers can be beautifully customized for matching your individual requirement. The dentist will make sure that they match the thickness of your natural teeth. They will also make sure to match the shape and color with your natural teeth.

If you are considering getting a smile makeover, you can meet the dentist near you and ask for suggestions.


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