3 Tooth Extraction Myths That Need to Be Pulled

3 Tooth Extraction Myths That Need to Be Pulled

Feb 26, 2019

As people grow old, they face the problem of losing teeth and they also need to extract some of them for some or the other oral- problem that those teeth are leading to. Extraction of teeth is not that big of a problem as these myths make it out to be. These myths are very dangerous in nature. It obstructs you from solving your problems that you might be facing. Following you will find a few myths that definitely need to be pushed out of your mind:

Tooth extraction myth #1: Having a tooth extracted is a very painful process.

The most common myth is that this procedure is a painful one. If you think so too, then you don’ know the reality yet. If you talk to Dr. Al Gulum, you will know that it is not a painful procedure because of the following reasons-

  • Anesthesia helps you be oblivious to the pain that you are worried about so much. It numbs the area and only then the procedure starts
  • Thanks to the dentist’s specialization in the process and advanced technology makes this process simple and saves you from feeling the pain

Tooth extraction myth #2: I will always have a gap in my teeth after the extraction.

Another myth which people believe in is that after getting your teeth extracted the space created is going to stay vacant forever. This is nothing but lack of knowledge because right now there are several procedures which provide you with an artificial tooth, which looks and works just like your original one. To learn more about such procedures contact Dr. Al Gulum.

Tooth extraction myth #3: If the tooth starts bothering me, I’ll just have it pulled and leave a space there.

If you are worried about spending too much money for something that you believe you can handle on your own at your home then believe me, you should ask about it to someone who did the same and suffered the consequences. Secondly, pulling out teeth on your own could affect your gums and possibly the next tooth that will occur in the same area (if you haven’t lost your permanent tooth already). Also, in cases of non-restorable teeth, impacted wisdom tooth and so, there are many chances that it can be saved and doesn’t actually need to be removed. You just have to talk to the dentist about it. They will tell you that whether the removal is actually needed or not. They use their expertise in evaluating the teeth’s condition and then give you a suggestion accordingly.

Teeth extraction could make you feel uncomfortable for the first few days but that doesn’t mean this is not a good or the right process. Teeth extraction is a simple process which you don’t need to be bothered about much. The dentist makes sure that you would not face any problem with the help of expertise in process and advanced equipment.


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