Jun 16, 2019

Many patients are concerned about their looks. Missing teeth can disturb their complete look and also affect their esteem and confidence. In such cases when your looks and oral health get disturbed, you may need some advanced dental treatment.

Dental implant is the ultimate solutions for missing tooth. There are multiple benefits of dental implants. There are three reasons for missing tooth:

The Three Components of a Dental Implant

Implants are made up of titanium which is used as replacement for missing tooth. It is designed in a manner that they could mimic the natural tooth. There are three basic parts of dental implants:

  • Fixtures are component of implant which is fixed into jawbone of teeth.
  • Abutment lies above the gum line which secures and support the dental work
  • Dental prosthesis sits on the top of abutment that can function just like a normal tooth.

Prevents Remaining Teeth from Shifting

While you lose tooth, an unusual space is created which can further lead to bone loss. With this pressure, teeth start to shift which can affect the overall structure of the tooth. Implant can prevent this shift and thus maintain the right structure.

Enables You to Chew Food Better

Implants help restore the common function of tooth and thus enable chewing better. This helps eat the right food and digest it properly so as to maintain right health. With implant, you can enjoy eating your favorite food.

Improves Self-confidence

Surely when dental implant can restore functions, it can also help restore looks and appearance. It offers right health benefits and also helps gain right smile so as to face the world with more confidence. It can also improve speech.

Considerations and Warnings

  • It can bring in amazing comfort.
  • It is an effective solution that has high success rate.
  • When proper care of implant is taken, it may last for lifetime.
  • One must go for proper checkup and must follow cleaning tip as suggested by dentist.
  • Take proper precaution as suggested by doctor for better healing.


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